Our attorneys lead. Founding attorney Kevin Frye has been voted Oxford’s Favorite Attorney for ten consecutive years, most recently in December 2018, holds elected office as District 1 Supervisor of Lafayette County and served as President of the Lafayette County Bar Association for the 2017-18 program year. Attorney Brooke Reeves currently serves as President of the Lafayette County Bar Association and Vice President of the Oxford Area Young Lawyers Association.

We operate a full-service Mississippi law firm, representing clients in both criminal defense and civil litigation. We are committed to delivering first-class, professional and cost-efficient representation, and offer a comprehensive team approach in every matter we handle. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending persons accused of crimes – including misdemeanor (DUI, Paraphernalia, Minor in Possession, Fake ID, etc.) and felony charges (assault, possession or sale of a controlled substance, etc.). We frequently provide risk management services to individuals and businesses, including situations where they have been victims of a crime. Our team of attorneys help start and grow businesses, have expertise in protecting intellectual property and handle a broad range of litigation needs.

If you are in need of representation, or timely strategic advice, please call our office or email us using our Florida Scannable Buy Template Fake Id Identification wII80q.


Criminal Defense

We have extensive experience defending persons accused of crimes and utilize a comprehensive approach to resolve cases. We have established partnerships with local drug and alcohol treatment professionals to assist clients during and after our representation.In Is And Quora Real Iphone Clone Difference X A The What q4wftdt

Driving Under the Influence

A DUI conviction can have serious consequences - our attorneys will guide you through the criminal justice process and fight for your rights at every step. Our firm has successfully defended countless clients charged with DUI (both alcohol and drug related) from misdemeanor first-offense cases to felony third-offense cases. In Is And Quora Real Iphone Clone Difference X A The What q4wftdt

Business Law

Our firm has assisted a variety of businesses in formation, organization, contract negotiation and numerous litigation matters. We can also assist with intellectual property issues such as copyright and trademark to help you protect the foundation of your business. In Is And Quora Real Iphone Clone Difference X A The What q4wftdt

Risk Management

We have a proven track record of controlling, managing and minimizing risk associated with unanticipated legal liability, accidents and intentional acts for numerous individuals and businesses. If you or your business is under threat, it is important to engage experienced counsel at the earliest opportunity. In Is And Quora Real Iphone Clone Difference X A The What q4wftdt

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  • Kevin came recommended by someone we trust and we were very happy with his representation in my son’s legal matter. Kevin has good relationships in the City of Oxford and understands how to get things done. He offered great advice and handled everything very well. Brooke is a great asset to the practice and they are both very professional.

    Name withheld by request

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  • Kevin represented my daughter on two misdemeanor charges (minor in possession of alcohol and possession of a fake id.) and did a great job. The charges were dismissed and ultimately expunged. He kept us informed every step of the way and resolved the matter favorably and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate recommend him to anyone seeking similar services in Lafayette County, Mississippi.

    Name withheld by request

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  • Kevin did a fantastic job in representing me and my professional interest. Despite tedious claims by opposing counsel Kevin won on every attempt they tried. Opposing counsel attempted every trick possible, and Kevin anticipated and prevailed with each motion filed. Kevin is very well connected to the North MS legal community which gives him a valuable navigation skill with your case. Would definitely recommend Kevin Frye for most any legal assignment in the North MS area.


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  • Kevin was my defense in a felony suit. He is professional, accessible, and flexible in his collection of payment. He returns phone calls promptly and informed me of all my options before proceeding in each step of the suit. Thanks to his efforts, I was able to avoid trial and the charges have been dropped.

    Name withheld by request

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  • Kevin was an awesome attorney the whole time my case was active. He kept me informed everytime something was brought up to his attention and was always on call when I needed him or had any questions. He helped me in so many ways the few years I was his client. He worked hard to get the best plea for me when I was clearly guilty. Very understanding and treated his clients the way they should be. I would recommend him to anyone that needed help.


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  • After my husband’s DUI, we hired Kevin Frye because of the positive reviews online. After working with him for over a month, we realized what an awesome lawyer he was. Kevin was very thorough and persistent in court, which ultimately led to the dismissal of the DUI charge. If it weren’t for him, our life would be upside down right now, but it’s not. My husband was able to keep his license and his job. We are very thankful for the work that Kevin Frye did for us and would...


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